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Roof Replacement Shouldn't Be Scary

When a roof is too old or heavily damaged for repairs, depend on Northwest Roof Restoration, LLC for re-roofing services. Installing your new roof on top of your old one increases its durability and protection. It's also a fast and economical way to get a new roof.
We offer complete tear-off and affordable roof replacement services as well.

What is Roof Restoration?

Does your roof look worse than it is? It may not have any physical damage and still look... well, ugly. You don't need to replace your entire roof to improve its appearance-you just need a roof restoration.
Northwest Roof Restoration, LLC specializes in:
● Repairs: When it comes to roofs, minor damage tends to grow. Our team will inspect and repair any defects in your roof.● Re-Cover: We will install a roof over your existing roof. ● Re-Roof: We will remove your old roof and start over, creating a brand new roof. 
Just because you aren't missing shingles doesn't mean your roof isn't starting to weaken. There is no job too big or too small for us to handle! Schedule an affordable roof replacement and restoration and receive a free estimate.

Affordable roof replacement in Meridian, Idaho